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Flexible staff planning and administration is quite a challenge these days.

With Strobbo, we want to make this administration easier and more accurate. You stay in control and unlock more time to spend on your business.

Staff planning
Our staff scheduling software calculates who among your staff is actually available. Send out your working hours via e-mail or text message and see who approves or rejects their working hours. After rejection, the working time can automatically be sent to another team member.
Tailor-made personnel planning for any industry working with a flexible workforce, including reporting and interfacing with payroll.

• Log the hours worked
• Schedule according to turnover
• Open working hours
• Scheduling proposal
• Student contracts

Digital time clock
Strobbo offers digital time registration software with GPS integration. With this tool, you don't have start-up or hardware costs. When clocking in and out, the GPS position is requested. If desired, clocking in can be limited to 1 or more devices. Validate the registered with the planned working hours.

• Possible without hardware
• GPS tracking
• Export to payroll
• Calculate overtime
• Manage clocked-in personnel
• Compare performance with planning

For your permanent staff you can do a quarterly declaration in Dimona (only in Belgium), for your students, extras and flexible workforce it is often a bit more complicated. Strobbo makes Dimona records fully automatically when your personnel is scheduled. Even better, when someone starts working for whom you forgot to create a Dimona, Strobbo will create it automatically for you!

• Adjustable per staff member
• Automatic creation, declaration and updates
• Dimona overview
• Dimona API
• Control notifications
• Sickness or absence

Link with payroll provider
The absence of your staff is managed in an online work schedule, so we know who is available to work for you. For your permanent employees, you also have to inform your payroll provider.
Via our digital time clock, you receive the actual hours worked. These can be compared to the planning and then also passed on to your payroll provider.

• Accurate date via our time clock
• Passing on absences and overtime
• Export to payroll
• Handy overview for export

Absence management
Get an overview of your employees' absences and requests in just one click. Approve absences or enter leave requests for your employees via any device. You can also see the leave balance of all your employees. An annual leave balance with different leave types can be allocated per staff member.
Ideal for SMEs, hotels, supermarkets, hospitals, shops... with varying working hours.

• Integrated with planning
• Working @ 150%
• Leave balance management
• Leave overview
• Overtime management

Statler and


Statler BI uses Strobbo's API to extract and import daily worked hours to use this data in our reports. This enables valuable insights into the staff productivity, on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. A simple and effective way to steer the operations towards a good end result, each and every day.

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