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My Statler Update: New ledger account creation

10 oktober 2023

We have updated the process to add new ledger account numbers to your Statler Configuration. This new process will ensure the account number is in the correct USALI range and will at the same time make it easier to create new entries, and distribute them over your hotels.

In this process, we have also added ‘KPI labels’ to the account numbers. These KPI labels will be used in the creation of future reports and dashboards in Statler AR, while at the same time serve as an indication of the type of KPI’s it belongs to.

The new functionality can be found in the screen Configuration > Chain Setup. The first indication of this new functionality can be found in the ‘LEDGER ACCOUNT SETUP’ table, where you will find the new field ‘KPI Label’ added.

The KPI labels cannot be updated manually, and are added automatically when a new account is created, depending on the type of account.

To add a new ledger account number, click on the familiar ‘Add ledger’ button below the table. This will open up a new screen:

In this screen, you can make a choice in the type of ledger that you want to add.

For this example, let’s add a new Revenue account for F&B, Other F&B Food revenue:

As shown here, the USALI number is automatically assigned, as is the KPI label. The description is pre-filled and can be changed immediately in this screen when required. The Chain ledger number (from your own administration) must be added in here as well.

The last option, ‘Activate in all hotels’ will make sure this account is immediately activated in all hotel and non-hotel administrations.

Finally, click on the CREATE button to create the new account.

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