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My Statler Update: Budget & Forecast lock feature.

28 maart 2023

On Tuesday March 28, we will release an update to the My Statler platform that will ensure that multiple persons cannot work in the same budget or forecast for the same property at the same time, to ensure they will not interfere with each other’s work.

For this, we have included an ‘EDIT’ button in the budget and forecast screens. Now, both these screens will open ‘locked’ by default, and they need to be claimed for editing by pressing the EDIT button. A message will appear for confirmation.

Once a user has claimed the budget/forecast for editing, these are unlocked for editing, and they can be used as normal.

There will then be another button present in the screen, the ‘EXIT’ button.

Pressing the EXIT button will close the editing mode and enable other users to edit the budget. If there have been modifications made in the budget, please do not forget to ‘SAVE’ the data before pressing the EXIT button, otherwise the data will not be saved.

When a budget is locked by one user, and another user wants to open the same budget for editing, there will be an on-screen message:

If there is NO activity registered at all in the first user’s session for over 1 hour, then the second user has the option to force take over the editing session.

In this case, the second user can start editing. If then the first user makes any modifications still, and wants to save those, he will see the following message.

Of course, any changes that the initial user has then made and is trying to save will be discarded, so do use caution when using this option.

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