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  • Maarten Diepenmaat

'This is pretty awful. Terrible. Booh!'

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Sometimes a company name rings a funny bell. What might you associate Statler with? Right! The Muppet Show. The legendary duo Statler and Waldorf love to give their unsourced opinions. Big mouth, small heart.

Did you know their "roots" are in the hotel industry? They are named after iconic New York hotels: the Statler Hilton and the Waldorf-Astoria Hotels. You could read more about Ellsworth Statler in an earlier article. He built the largest American hotel empire this past century, taking hospitality to a higher level. Our company name is a tribute to this enterprising pioneer. 

Humor with a Twist

The two stubborn grumblers Statler and Waldorf, are the "taste-makers" of the Muppet Show. Safely from their balcony, they treat the audience to sharp remarks and roaring laughter. Criticism wrapped in sharp humor has the audience in stitches. We love it, those great one-twos. Let us refresh your memory!

Statler: This show is awful.
 Waldorf: Terrible! 
Statler: Disgusting! Booh!
 Waldorf: See you next week? 
Statler: Of course.

Statler: I really liked this show tonight.

Waldorf: At these prices, who's gonna complain?

The comments are off the charts, but one thing is clear. These oldies don't like change. Attempts of all Muppets to make their show better or more beautiful are put under a critical magnifying glass. With a healthy sense of humor, certainly! We see the connection with the business world. There is a Statler and Waldorf in every organization. The trick is not to wave away their objections, but to take them seriously. Show what innovation brings, so that the fear of the unknown disappears.

OK so far the fun, time for analysis and business!

Statler BI is one such innovation for many hotels. A management platform, combining data from various existing programs. 'But those Excel sheets are obvious, aren't they? I've been working with our timesheet program for years. Is that necessary, more software?' You can already hear Statler and Waldorf grumbling! Statler BI is therefore happy to show you the benefits. In a handy (online) demo or during a meeting you can discover all the tools. Customers like Corendon, AEON Hotels, and Hotel Casa swear by the practical monthly reports and options like balance sheet consolidation and forecasting. Read their experiences in the customer stories!

We could tell you much more, but these are the benefits in a nutshell:

  • Up and running within 2 working days

  • Reports with 1 press of a button

  • A Daily Report in graphics

  • Budgeting and forecasting

  • Insight, analysis, and room for improvement

So, you have plenty of material to think about. Before you dive into the numbers, we'll let you in on a few hilarious quotes. Statler and Waldorf, thank you! 

Waldorf: Well this has been an evening to remember.

Statler: Why?

Waldorf: I forgot.

Waldorf: Just when you think this show is terrible something wonderful happens.

Statler: What?

Waldorf: It ends.

Waldorf: Wake me when the show starts.

Statler: It's already been on a while.

Waldorf: O, wake me when it's over.




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